ABV 40%



The sweet tartness of the Kakadu Plum and the citrus tang of the grapefruit gives you the perfect refreshment for any day or occasion.


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Kakadu Plum & Grapefruit

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  • This gin is full of flavour and super smooth. The sweet tartness of the Kakadu Plum is well balanced with the earthy notes of angelica root, burdock root, coriander seeds and junipers. A hint of passionflower adds a floral tone to further soothe the palate. Each sip finishes with a refreshing punch of citrus tang from the grapefruit, leaving a memorable sensation. It’s a refreshingly smooth transition from sweet to sour, and will become your 'summer love' favourite.

    This gin was recently awarded a Bronze medal at the Australian Gin Awards 2021.