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Organic Bay Distillery is a family owned and operated small boutique distillery based in Bonbeach, Victoria. Its a partnership between two carpenters, Dean and Dave, who have been mates for more than 15 years, and shared a passion for fine spirits, and a dream to one day create their own unique flavour of spirits.

Hence they have taken the giant leap of faith, traded the tools and timber for botanicals and herbs, and created a small boutique distillery specialising in organically certified gins. All the gins are made using organic sugar cane ethanol and the traditional single pot still method.


Our vision is to produce small batches of high quality gins, conscientiously blended with botanicals known for their health benefits, and adding Australian natives and other classic herbs to naturally compliment these unique flavours.


We have grown up and lived along the southeast coastal suburbs of Melbourne since we were young and would like to showcase and support the local small businesses in the area, and demonstrate that the best high quality products are produced in your own local backyard.

Being organically certified is an important part of our brand, being mindful that so much of the food we eat and consume is over processed and treated with chemicals. Hence why we felt it was necessary to produce a product that not only tastes great, but is free of added chemicals and preservatives, using only organic sugar cane ethanol to preserve. Our aim is to use a wide range of botanicals and superfoods to create high quality organic gins full of unique flavours.

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